Alex opens [a bit] her heart.

I think I have a crush…

…a crush on you. And what if the lovers could win for once? The world still goes round, but you stop the movement of my world. Always rebelling myself, and your presence breakes the ice which I´m made of. So frustrating! You’re a company that makes me feel better, also the drug I must be careful with it. I don’t know what I want, what I feel. I think sometimes of it. Again, so frustrating! Want you to bring a fresh blowing wind, blue coloured, to my life. The problem is if you also bring a word with four letters, the one that scares me off. This kind of issues support my theories about my madness. The-word-that-must-never-be-said brings to the surface the worst and the best of me. And if I’m scared of letting you know the surface, just imagine the deepest. I’m so damned crazy.


Una respuesta to “Alex opens [a bit] her heart.”

  1. Antonio Says:

    Vi lo de dir engry y kise saludar


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